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Competitive Prices

We’ll always offer the best prices to suit your budget and deadline, backed up by our great personal service.

Automatic Volume Discounts

You’ll automatically receive discounts of up to 40% off our starting prices, based on the volume of work we render for you.

Want a quote?

For an accurate quote, the best way to do this is send us a test scene. This way we can ensure your project renders correctly (before committing to any costs) and gives you confidence in our service.

Send Us Your Test Scene

How do I do this?

We’re flexible and work in a way that suits you, but our preferred option is or email to Please don;t forget to provide some brief details of software and versions.

How quick will I hear back?

We’ll answer straight away during business hours, or first thing the following morning.


Based on the size of your project, we’ll automatically apply a discount to the cost, as shown below.

Project > £400

Project > £800

Project > £2,000

Project > £8,000

Project > £ 10,000

Minimum Charges

  1. All projects are subject to our minimum invoice policy of £100.
  2. All scenes/shots/stills submitted to render will be invoiced at £25 or above (inclusive of render fees).